29 January, 2012

Twin Sister- Lady Daydream

If you forget it all, I will bring it with me

If you can't find the sea, I will take you there

Green, you still know me by name

Even though I'm losing
Doesn't make me a loser yet
You still know me by name, Green
I'll still be Lady Daydream

She took it all from me
Now I can't find my place
Do you 'member me
Do you know my face?

It could all be a dream, Green


Anonymous said...

best ker?? haha sok ak dengar kat opis yer..
susah nau nak kejar burung ko ni hah..hahah :)

Nur Melyssa said...

hahahahaha. best best. untongla office ada internet. kejau la. haha. dia terbang tak laju ponn