24 October, 2011

Impromptu Speech Topics Tutorial


Impromptu speech topics guide including a basic outline to organize your thoughts for best speech topics spontaneous, unrehearsed, clearly and briefly. The speaker depends on his or her ready knowledge about a subject and does not prepare a formal speech ahead of time. There are two types of impromptu speeches in the public speaking area: school or college assignments, and unexpected occasional speeches.
To help you preparing for both occasions I developed a step by step method for quickly finding and outlining impromptu speech topics.

To make it yourself much more easier, choose an impromptu speech topic:

  • That will demonstrate your expertise.
  • That is related to the purpose of the meeting.
  • You feel most confident about.
  • You like to talk about.
  • You can speak off the cuff within one tot five minutes.
At the end of this page, you will see a blueprint. Use this form for developing a good topic for a speech.

Impromptu Speech Topics For A School Or College Assignment

Study the rules of the assignment. Do what you teacher asks you to do.
Study closely the so-called task words; words or phrases that point out what is expectd from you - like analyse, compare, outline, critize, and so on.
See more on that subject in my special Extra Large impromptu section with over 200 ideas!

Usually colleges have a special preparation room where you can find a list of impromptu topics, often for each speaker one. These topics are almost always questions about national political, economic, and social issues. Write down what first comes up in your mind:

  • A rhetorical question
  • A value
  • A quotation
  • A practical example
  • A solution for a problem
  • A challenge for your class mates

That first idea leads you to a specific speech statement - your thesis - to the point you want to make.
Let's say, the topic of your choice is Scuba Diving. You dive in your spare time and you want to state that divers have the duty to help to protect the underwater life.
Then, your specific statement or thesis could be: How Can Scuba Divers Help To Protect The Underwater Life?

The Points And Supports For Your Impromptu Speech Topics

Provide two or three points that support your statement or thesis. Think about reasons, facts, ways how-to-do-it, statistics, personal experiences or solutions.
In case of the example statement above you can mention a few how-to-do-its (these are your points) - to support your answer to the question.
E.g. point 1: Scuba divers can report changes in reefs to marine biologists
E.g. point 2: they can teach each other to report pollution
E.g. point 3: they can volunteer in programs for testing the quality of the water

Now you have to develop support for the three points. Those supports have to prove your points. If you can within the time limit, write down a couple of supports for each point. Two is okay. Three is best.
Bottom line: The supports have to prove the points, and the points have to prove the statement
of your impromptu speech topics.
  • The point of questions about policy can be a problem and a solution.
  • Prove the problem by listing its causes and effects.
  • And prove that the solutions you suggest are the best by offering a set of reasons and/or effects.

For An Unexpected Occasion

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you might be asked to come forward at a meeting to speech. Then you have to come up quickly with a few good impromptu speech topics.
If there is any possibility you could be invited to speak briefly at a meeting, you should prepare a few comments about the topic of the event.
These questions will help you to approach possible issues quickly in advance:
  • What's the purpose of the meeting?
  • What exactly is going to happen?
  • What do I think of it?
  • What is my opinion? Do I like it or not?
  • What are the latest news, trends, problems, policy issues
And there you are: the answers on those questions, are a few easy impromptu speech topics for an unrehearsed two or three minute speech.

A Basic Outline Template

Print the form below and carry it with you. The next time you are asking yourself: What are good impromptu speech topics for my speech? I will help you with a basic outline structure:
My Speech Topic Title:
Specific Purpose Statement:
Tease / Preview Your Points:

Point 1:
Support 1:
Support 2:
Support 3:
Short Summary of point 1:

Point 2:
Support 1:
Support 2:
Support 3:
Short Summary of point 2:

Point 3:
Support 1:
Support 2:
Support 3:
Short Summary of point 3:

Summarize why your answer is the best:

My Final Tips  !!

1. Go through the intro, the main points and the conclusion on the note cards. Think about what you are saying, make corrections.
2. If necessary, tweak a little bit with your thesis, points and supports. They have to fit. If there is enough time, rehearse your impromptu speech topics in front of a family member or a friend.

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